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About Ian Gregson

Ian Gregson Author

Ian Gregson is a Vancouver based, actor, musician, writer and dad. Ian spent his first twenty years growing up around the Wigan area in Lancashire. In 1981 Ian and his family moved to Vancouver. Turning his attention to sports I an competed for Canada at the highest level until retiring from competitions in 1990. Throughout the 90's Ian helped raise a family of four; at the same time writing for numerous magazines on disability issues. This included his book "Irresistible Force - The History of disability sport in Canada" published by Polestar Press and a controversial article in Larry Flynt's Hustler magazine. Ian also operated an online support group for people with limb-loss.


As the new millenium arrived Ian turned his attention to politics and music. Ian ran for the Green Party of BC in 2001 and received 15% of the popular vote. Ian started his own band Mr M & The All Nighters - a tribute to Wigan Casino of sorts. The band eventually morphed in to the Van City Soul Quartet and released several original singles "Silver Shoes" and "So Much Love". Ian continues development of his original music.


In 1992 Ian was approached to work on his first tv show, "Murder She Wrote" starring Dick Van Dyke. Throughout the 90's Ian sporadically worked on Vancouver shows, Highlander, Millenium, X-Files to name but a few. In 1998 he doubled for Aaron Pearl in the Leslie Neilsen movie "Wrongfully Accused". In 2008 Ian returned to work in film full time as a Background performer and is now a full UBCP member. See Ian's IMDB profile.

As of summer 2023 Ian has re-formed his band MR M & THE ALL NIGHTERS with Ian playing guitar and on vocals. The music is a culmination of a decade of songwriting and recording at Adanac Studios in Vancouver.

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