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Trans Europa Expedition

"Trans Europa Expedition" is the second solo album from Vancouver guitarist/composer Ian Gregson.

The album features original music composed and recorded at the Adanac Sound Studio in East Vancouver over the spring and summer of 2018.

In May 2018 Ian undertook a transformative journey to Europe, visiting five countries, Iceland, England, Ireland, Spain and Italy.  The cities included Rekyavik, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Barcelona, Milan, Florence and of course Ian's hometown of Wigan.

The music contained in this release is inspired by the trek; whether it be on a plane, train, bus or bicycle or on foot.

About the Music

"Iceland" it was only a short 26 hour layover on the May 1st holiday, everywhere was quiet deserted and these snow squalls blew in every few hours, sending me running for cover. [as depicted in album cover]

"Cycling on a Sitges Sunday Afternoon" taking the train and bike to the lovely town of Sitges and cycling around the narrow streets and then chilling at a pizza place and watching the world go by.

"San Jacopo al Girone" two days of cycling along the Arno River took me to the small town just outside Firenze. It was at this point, sat on a park bench I realised it was the turning point to head back home.

"Bury the Ramsbottom" you can't beat Lancashire town names. From my time taking the East Lancashire Steam railway there and back again

"Florence By Bike' the name of the bike shop I rented my bike from

"Gorlitzer Park" which of course is in Berlin where I visited in 2015. This is dedicated to the lovely English Lit professor from Minnesota who I met there.

"Its Snowing in Barcelona" actually written before my trip when it did snow in the city. The lovely Catalan voice over is by Eva LaVila.

"Riding the LUAS" Dublin weather is unpredictable so I rode the LUAS for the day travelling the length and breadth of the city and listening to those people talk.

"Manchester Piccadillio" generally inspired by all things Manchester

"La Whiskeria" a small hideaway in the middle of the old quarter of Barcelona on Sitges Street where I drank the darkest beer on Earth

"Plaça du Catalunya" you would think something so big would be difficult to navigate on a bike but it wasn't

"Parco delle Cascine" a lovely respite on the banks of the Arno, perfect getaway from the crazy busy streets of the city

"Oldham Street" bought a few records and talked about Penguins on my visit here. A few weeks after my return I caught the exact location on Netflix as a scene in show "Safe" filmed in the area.

"When Narcissus Went Missing" on my random visit to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool their pre-Raphaelite collection took my breath away, however Narcissus was out on loan. Turns out my x had a copy of it in the living room for years and the room was also featured in the Netflix show "safe".

"Rainy Glossop Morning" jet lag got me up at 5am sitting in the back garden on this beautiful spot just outside the Peak District

"Penguins Three" inspired by the two nights performed by my favourite penguins at Frankies Jazz Club in Vancouver

"Afro Blue" another vain attempt at a classic

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