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The Return of the Orange Sun

"The Return of the Orange Sun" is the first solo album from Vancouver singer/guitarist Ian Gregson.

The album features original music composed and recorded at the Adanac Sound Studio in East Vancouver over the spring and summer of 2017.

The "Orange Sun" refers to the colour of the Vancouver sun over the summer due to extensive forest fires throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The album features vocal and instrumental tracks with influences ranging from classic rock, soul, funk, blues and jazz.

Covers include Paul Weller's "You Do Something To Me" and Lou Reed's classic "Sweet Jane".

About the Music

"It Never Stopped Raining" - written in that never ending time of year where the rain just keeps coming and coming

"Days Such As These" - a song about growing up in Lancashire in the 70's. The joke was you could kick a ball far enough it would dissapear down a mineshaft as might you also. The song echoes Bill Nelson's "Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape" in numerous ways.

"Dancing on Your Grave" - a political jibe about those elected and in power who dance on the graves of us all.

"No Prisoners" - a tribute to one of the greatest films of all time "Lawrence of Arabia".  The title stems from the scene were Lawrence is faced with a retreating batallion and makes the choice to take "No Prisoners"

Astronamus - an early Pink Floyd influenced instrumental.

Pretty Woman - about a woman I was dating at the time who seemed uninterested in my music until I wrote this song about her. In order to retain her interest I made it as creepy as I could.

"Fear of the Perfect Stranger" written several years ago, using samples from the classic British tv show "League of Gentlemen". The song is about fear of unknown precious things....

"Don't You Think About Runnin"" a statement about the sad state of the world and how our personal relationships are affected

"Stay Away" a Van City Soul Quartet showstopper ! A tribute to the recently departed Charles Bradley = my version of Charles Bradley's cover of the Nirvana classic

"What I Need" an instrumental version of a Deep Purple tune

"No Pain No Gain" another instrumental featuring some funky wah-wah work

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