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Originally from Wigan, near Manchester, England, Ian Gregson is a Vancouver based actor and musician.

Ian started work in Vancouver in 1992 as a specialty skills background performer in Diagnosis Murder with Dick van Dyke.

Throughout the 90's Ian worked as background performer in many Vancouver productions including Highlander, X-Files, Millenium and The Sentinnel. In 1998 he acted as an amputee stunt double in the Leslie Neilsen movie "Wrongfully Accused".

A chance meeting with his hometown hero Sir Ian McKellan inspired Ian to re-think the movie business. After working in post-secondary education for a few more years, Ian returned to the industry in 2009 and has subsequently appeared in many local productions. Ian has a professional attitude, arrives well before time and is a consistent performer and active listener.

Ian performed the role of "Cyrus Clayton" an amputee ghost in the Emmy Award winning RL Stine's "The Haunting Hour" [Season 4 EP 01] "The Seance".

Ian is also a professional musician and has worked on numerous productions. Ian has full professional equipment setup including amplifiers, guitars and keyboards.

Ian has been a single right leg amputee since the age of 15; he is able to perform both amputee and non amputee roles. Ian is a full UBCP member.

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